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About us

Leading through technology

Optimized dietary supplements have already been appreciated and proven for years. The high bioavailability and ease of use are just some of the factors that show the high potential of micro-optimized products.

We at LipoVibes go one step further in this segment. Our LipoMolecule-Technology enables us to transport active ingredients into the body even more effectively and safely.

In terms of compound stability and thus permanently increasing the bioavailability of our active ingredients, our technology offers an unprecedented solution.

Flüssigkeit wird aus Becher in anderen Becher gegossen, Labor

created in our labs - it's science

What we stand for

LipoVibes stands for products developed with scientific precision that are easy to integrate into everyday life. Therefore, our products are developed and coordinated so that all can be taken together if desired.

One of our principles is that we have all the processes close to us and in view, which have an influence on the quality of our products. Therefore, all LipoVibes products are developed in German laboratories and produced in Germany according to strict requirements. Our production meets all current food standards and we have strict testing processes for harmful substances and impurities, which we apply to all of our ingredients.

We think nothing of chemistry! All of our ingredients are of natural origin. And we're not done yet! Currently, for example, we are working to remove the last bit of plastic from our product and shipping packaging.