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10 good reasons for Lipovibes

1. Optimal bioavailability

Our products are specially optimized for the absorption of water- and fat-soluble active ingredients. The small particle size of the carrier molecules allow for up to 40-fold increased bioavailability compared to mass-produced supplements. We adapt the products to the body and not vice versa.

2. Patented LipoMolecule-Technology™

Our LipoMolecule-Technology™ guarantees innovative, scientific research and uncompromising quality standards.

Always look for the LipoMolecule logo! This is the only way to ensure our quality and use of the patent. In particular, the long-term stability of the active ingredients is unique due to our patent. This is important to be able to guarantee the increase in effectiveness in the long term.

3. Faster effectiveness

Due to the small size of our active ingredients, sublingual absorption begins immediately after ingestion in the mouth. This leads to an immediate onset of action of our products. Already after 5 minutes, the active ingredients are detectable in the blood plasma.

4. Longer duration of effect

Our active ingredients work longer due to reduced metabolization. This means that the ingested active ingredients are metabolized as needed through the encapsulation of the ingredients, resulting in a natural depot effect.

5. Lower risk of side effects

Compared to other manufacturers, we do not have to artificially overdose our products, because our active ingredients arrive at a very high proportion in the cells.
This significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects, while at the same time increasing efficacy.

6. Active substance efficiency

The general goal in taking dietary supplements is that certain active ingredients are absorbed by the body in meaningful quantities.

Because of the significantly increased bioavailability, only small amounts of our products are necessary to ensure an optimal amount of absorption.

7. Natural ingredients, made in Germany

All products are vegan, free of sugar, lactose, gluten & GMO.

We develop and produce all our products entirely in Germany. In addition, we clearly distance ourselves from animal testing!

8. Natural taste

Even without artificial additives, we achieve a very pleasant and natural taste. This is mainly due to the fact that the inherent taste of the active ingredients is only perceptible to a very small extent due to the special encapsulation.

9. Scientific standards

All our products and carrier systems are developed and produced according to strict scientific standards by qualified scientific personnel in Germany.

10. No mass production

Many manufacturers sell the same products only under different labels. Lipovibes products and LipoMolecule-Technology™ are and will remain available only from us.