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LipoVibes Bundle - Biohacking

LipoVibes Bundle - Biohacking

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Category: Self-optimisation

Our biohacking bundle is a synergetic compilation of selected micronutrients with a focus on holistic self-optimisation. It was developed together with biohacking and fitness expert Nico Airone.

It contains one bottle each of LipoVibes Q10 , Astaxanthin and Melatonin, each containing 10 ml.

Q10 is an essential coenzyme that plays a key role in cell regeneration in the body by supporting cell metabolic processes, among other things. Its effects have made it an established ingredient in anti-ageing products.

Astaxanthin comes from red algae and is one of the most powerful antioxidants. According to recent studies, it could have an antibacterial and antiviral effect. It can also support the body's own detox processes.

is a sleep hormone and naturally helps you to fall asleep and can therefore improve the quality of your sleep.

That's why you should choose LipoVibes products:

1. unique technology, optimal dosage: many manufacturers advertise higher bioavailability. LipoVibes has developed a worldwide unique solution with the LipoMolecule technology, which really achieves better results through long-term stability and very small particle size (below 100 nm). This is why we can develop our products in such a way that only a minimal amount of active ingredient remains unused and the body is not burdened.

2. fast absorption in the body: LipoVibes products are not only absorbed by the body much better, but also much faster than comparable products. We achieve this by using body-related lipids, which also make up the outer shell of human cells. Our active ingredients can be detected in the blood plasma just 5 minutes after ingestion.

3. controlled production: all LipoVibes products are developed in our laboratories in Germany and manufactured exclusively from plant-based ingredients according to strict quality standards. They are vegan and without sugar, gluten, lactose and GMO.

Ingredients (6 drops each)/application:

: Glycerin, water, ethanol, sunflower oil, lecithin (soy), orange peel oil, coenzyme Q10.

: Glycerin, water, ethanol, sunflower oil, lecithin (soya),
orange peel oil, astaxanthin.

: Glycerin, water, natural ethanol, sunflower oil, lecithin (soya), orange peel oil, melatonin.

Depending on your preferences, take 6 drops daily pure or mixed with cold liquid.

Shelf life: One bottle contains 10 ml and has a shelf life of 6 months after opening.

Shipping: Free of charge within Germany, delivery time approx. 2-4 days.

Note: Not suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.