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Improve vision: 10 tips to maintain your eye health

What a miracle, our eyesight: Your eyes perform remarkable feats every day. They create the basis for numerous control processes by the brain. The sharper and richer in contrast your eyes perceive the environment, the more usable the signals are.

Improve vision - all natural

Whether in your personal life or professionally, the functionality of your eyes plays a crucial role. And there are several factors that affect your vision: Everyday hazards to vision include environmental and weather factors, for example, as well as behavioral errors.

Sure, we're all getting older. But there are a number of things you can do to protect your eyes besides age-related vision problems, such as reducing avoidable stress and strain. And it's far less complicated than it sounds. Small practical exercises and the avoidance of incorrect behavior can already make a big difference. To maintain eye health naturally, follow these 10 tips.

1. Improve vision: : Effective UV protection is indispensable

Well, have you been lying in the sun too much again? According to experience, only a few people do without the popular sunbathing. You definitely shouldn't be among those who don't have sunglasses with 100% UV protection. 

Depending on the severity of the irritation, your eye may redden without adequate protection and it may burn or hurt. And that's not all: as the worst consequences of UV radiation over a long period of time, you can even develop cancer and cataracts.

2. Preserve vision: Healthy eyes need sufficient nutrients

For the formation of the eye pigment, a sufficient supply of vitamin A is required. Carrots contain plenty of vitamin A. Vitamins of the B group and omega-3 fatty acids counteract macular degeneration. Cell protection is provided by vitamins C and E, many of which are found in fruits and vegetables. Anthocyanins (water-soluble plant pigments) strengthen and protect the blood vessels located in the eyes. 

The enzyme glutathione peroxidase influences the cell protection of your eyes. Selenium promotes this process. You can find the trace element in fish, meat, eggs and mushrooms as well as in nuts, cabbage and asparagus.

3. Wellness for eye health

Wellness is aimed at physical and mental relaxation. Rest and relaxation through wellness are equally a useful relaxation method for strained eyes. Simple practical exercises are possible in numerous occasions of private and professional everyday life. 

So you can relax your eyes by acupressure by kneading and pressing in the middle of your earlobes. While lying down, place two compresses previously dipped in warm water on your closed eyes for about 10 minutes. This can have a calming, refreshing effect.

4. The right glasses for lasting eye health

Anyone who depends on glasses to support their vision should have possible changes determined by regular eye examinations. This is the only way to ensure the necessary type and strength of glasses. In addition, special glasses are available for different needs. These include driving glasses, sports glasses or safety glasses for specific activities.

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5. No drafts for the benefit of vision

Windows in buildings and moving vehicles that are open for long periods of time cause drafts. This kind of fresh air is not good for your eyes at all. Incorrectly adjusted air conditioners and fans can also cause dry eyes and eye inflammation within a short time. 

Darkening the windows can prevent rooms from heating up in the summer. Likewise, a short airing during absence can avoid a constant draught in rooms. If you have air conditioning in your car, you do not need to open the windows additionally.

6. Special antioxidant for healthy eyes - astaxanthin

Astaxanthin, please what? The active ingredient, which belongs to the carotenoids, is found in particular in algae. The red pigment has been shown to protect the brain and eyes. The fat-soluble antioxidant reduces the dangers of free radicals as well as the development of inflammation. This includes degenerative and inflammatory diseases of aging.

According to the consistent results of several studies, the special protection of eyes and retina is particularly effective against age-related macular degeneration. Likewise, astaxanthin protects against diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.

On the market this strong antioxidant is available as "LipoVibes Pure - Astaxanthin". This allows immediate targeted application where the effect is to be achieved. The natural antioxidant from red algae also supports the immune system and physical detoxification.

antioxidant from red algae: LipoVibes Astaxanthin

LipoVibes Astaxanthin - antioxidant from red algae

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7. Relief for the eyes through breaks

Tiring continuous work is also problematic for eyes and can lead to discomfort and loss of performance. Even small breaks help to solve the problem. From time to time, you should briefly look into the distance. In this way, you can avoid visual stress.

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8. Keep eyes moist for maximum eye health

The monotonous, unchanging gaze at a particular spot quickly leads to a change in the blink. This reduces the wetting of the cornea with tear fluid. This is especially true for VDU workplaces. 

You should occasionally switch from your concentrated, strained gaze to blink mode. This stimulates the meibomian glands at the edge of the eyelids. This releases an oily fluid that mixes with tears, slowing evaporation. The improved moistening of the eyes prevents fatigue and improves visual acuity.

9. Good indoor air for healthy eyes

In the colder seasons, rooms are often overheated. A balancing source of humidity is often missing. The eyes also suffer from the unpleasant dryness of the air. Water bowls or damp cloths on radiators can provide relief. A walk in the fresh air also helps. You should also make sure that you drink enough every day.

10. Sufficient sleep helps maintain eye health

The regeneration of the body during the night sleep also serves to recover the eyes from the visual stress during the day. To ensure that healthy sleep is not disturbed, you should not eat any more lavish meals in the evening. Likewise, you should switch off your PC in the evening in good time after using it. Otherwise the high concentration and the blue color pixels make it difficult to fall asleep. This also prevents sufficient release of the sleep hormone melatonin.

natural sleep aid: LipoVibes Melatonin

LipoVibes Melatonin - natural sleep aid

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