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These 15 foods contain the most antioxidants

Antioxidants play a special role in the supply of nutrients: they can not only alleviate health complaints, but even contribute to prevention in a natural way. The antioxidants contained in foods are important for strengthening our immune system and protecting us from disease.

Fight the free radicals: 15 foods with antioxdative effect.

At the beginning of many disease patterns are the so-called free radicals, which attack our body cells and in many cases even render them non-functional. Antioxidants counteract this process by preventing the harmful substances from reacting with oxygen. By preventing oxidation, they protect our cells from so-called oxidative stress.

What are free radicals?

Medicine calls certain nitrogen or oxygen compounds free radicals. They are produced in our body by various metabolic processes, but also by external factors such as stress, UV radiation, nicotine abuse or unhealthy diet. The antioxidants reduce the reactivity of the harmful substances, thus lead to improvement in diseases and help in prevention.

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How do antioxidants work?

The body forms antioxidants itself or absorbs them with food. They neutralize the free radicals and the natural balance in the organism is restored. Vitamins A, C and E are among the known antioxidants, as well as trace elements such as zinc, manganese and selenium. In addition, several secondary plant substances belong to this group, such as beta-carotene, as well as the polyphenols, sulfides and phytoestrogens.

Do you know astaxanthin? Try one of the most powerful natural antioxidants now

So if you want to prevent oxidative stress, make sure you eat a balanced diet. In addition to fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and vegetable oils contain a high proportion of healthy ingredients with antioxidant effects.

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15 foods with the most antioxidants

The preventive effect of a healthy diet is based primarily on a high proportion of radical scavengers. They are particularly abundant in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, here is a selection of foods that will help you maintain your health.

1. Blueberries

The abundant polyphenols determine the aroma and color of the fruit. In addition, vitamins A, C and E have an antioxidant effect. Blueberries also have a soothing effect on inflammation.

2. Strawberries

High content of vitamin C, which especially strengthens the immune system. In 100 g contains 55 mg of vitamin C, which is quite high. Slightly more than in lemon (53 mg), surpassed only by broccoli (see below) and bell bell pepper (115 mg).

3. Apple & Pomegranate

There is a lot of vitamin C especially just below the skin. The pomegranate offers particularly many antioxidants, namely provitamin A, vitamins C and E, and polyphenols in increased quantities.

4. Tomatoes

This vegetable contains many vegetable pigments. A particularly red colored and ripe tomato suggests a high content of lycopene, which is a very effective natural antioxidant.

5. Coffee

Good news for fragrant lovers: coffee drinkers consume high levels of polyphenols. Among other things, this mineral can reduce inflammation.

6. Nuts

One of the strongest antioxidants is vitamin E, of which nuts contain a particularly high amount. Taken in muesli or with salads, nuts reduce oxidative stress in the long term. Almonds, for example, contain 26 mg of vitamin A per 100 g. Many oils are extracted from nuts, such as linseed oil or walnut oil, and these foods also have the same effect.

7. Red Wine

Grapes as a basis for wine production contain effective substances against free radicals, such as polyphenols. They also have OPC, which has a highly antioxidant effect and can benefit vascular health, among other things. But you should leave it at a moderate consumption. Because not only because of the alcohol content, a positive effect is only achieved with a low wine consumption.

An alternative is to take the valuable components of red wine in the form of dietary supplements. Concentrated OPC from LipoVibes, for example, is highly bioavailable. Compared to a glass of red wine, just 6 drops of LipoVibes PURE are enough to supply the body with OPC.

lebensmittel mit den meisten antioxidantien

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8. Carrots

Carrots are particularly rich in beta-carotene, also known as provitamin A. The organism converts the representative from the group of carotenoids into vitamin A, which has a remarkable antioxidant effect. In 100 g of carrots there are about 7.8 mg of carotenoids.

9. Citrus fruits

In the bitter fruits there is a particularly large amount of vitamin C. They also contain flavanoids, which biologists classify as secondary plant compounds. Even as juice, citrus fruits have a high content of preventive ingredients. The following applies: a fresh fruit juice has a higher content of vitamins than an industrially produced drink.

10. Potatoes

A high content of minerals, vitamins and last but not least fiber characterizes potatoes. Also the phenols and the polyphenols provide the antioxidant effect.

11. Corn

Corn germ provides us with vitamin E, and a study by scientists from the USA led to an amazing result: there are more antioxidants in popcorn than in most fruits and vegetables. We still recommend fresh corn, preferably organic, of course.

12. Onions

Together with garlic, onions belong to the Allium family. Their members offer particularly high amounts of antioxidants and flavanoids (sulfides). Their regular consumption may help reduce the risk of cancer and protect against heart attack, various studies suggest.

13. Broccoli

Some hate it, some love it: broccoli is controversial. But you should definitely give this vegetable a chance, because is particularly nutritious and has a whole range of positive effects on health. A lot of folic acid is found in broccoli, as well as iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin C (95 mg) and beta-carotene. Medical studies showed that sulfoaphane is contained, which can also naturally contribute to cancer prevention. But please eat broccoli only steamed or steamed, even better in raw state. Because the minerals it contains are extremely sensitive.

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14. Kale

The trendy vegetable kale - another green vegetable that supports the immune system. Kale also provides the body with vitamin E for the skin and eyes, and vitamin A can help slow the aging process. In addition, the consumer benefits from iron, potassium, calcium and phytochemicals such as the antioxidant quercetin.

15. Red Peppers

The top performer in terms of vitamin C content is the red bell bell pepper. It contains a whole 115 mg and also contains a lot of zeaxanthin.