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How to strengthen your immune system naturally - 9 highly effective tips

If you want to strengthen your immune system, there are several ways you can help your body fight off disease.

Strengthening your immune system is easier said than done, but some dietary and lifestyle changes can boost your body's natural defenses and help you fight off disease-causing pathogens.

1. Strengthen the immune system with sports and exercise

Sport not only has a positive effect on our general well-being, but also serves to reduce stress. Too much stress can attack our immune system, making it more vulnerable to pathogens. Even short walks in the fresh air can naturally strengthen our immune system, because we fill up on vitamin D through sunlight. Vitamin D is produced by the body itself as soon as it receives the sun's rays, and not only strengthens the bones, but is also involved in metabolism, the utilization of other vitamins, and also helps to keep the nerves and psyche healthy.

In addition, your body learns to adapt to different weather conditions and thus strengthens its defenses. Especially in our latitudes, an optimal vitamin D supply is not always guaranteed in the colder (and darker) season just by being outside, which is why you should - after consulting your doctor - possibly supplement the important vitamin.

2. Strengthen the immune system with healthy food

Good nutrition is one of the easiest ways to feel fit and healthy in the long term. What sounds so simple, however, is not always as easy to implement - especially in a stressful workday, many people reach for fast food or convenience products. The consequences? The one-sided diet often leads to deficiency symptoms in the body. We feel tired and listless, and can suffer from headaches and difficulty concentrating.

So: Go for the vegetables! Vegetables and fruit numerous valuable nutrients and fiber, which keep the body and organs healthy for a long time. A balanced diet can thereby also reduce the risk of developing diseases and permanently strengthen the body's defenses.

immunsystem natürlich stärken

3: Conscious relaxation strengthens the immune system 

We now know that stress can make you sick and damage your immune system. When you consciously take time for yourself, you help your body replenish its reserves of strength and energy. Whether it's a relaxing bath in the evening, a walk through the woods, quality time with friends or just with yourself, your body will thank you for the rest. By pressing the stop button every now and then, your organism can recover from everyday stress.

4: A strong immune system needs fluid

To keep your organs and circulation fit and your immune system working well, your body needs sufficient fluids. This makes it difficult for bacteria and pathogens, because mucous membranes that are too dry serve as a breeding ground for harmful substances. The body's fluid balance is also important for maintaining normal kidney function. The kidneys sort toxins out of the body and need sufficient fluid to do so. And our brain also relies on fluid to keep the neural pathways functioning properly. 

This also explains, for example, why we often get headaches quickly when we haven't drunk enough. If you have problems drinking enough: There are apps, for example, that remind you to drink water again and again. And make it as easy as possible for yourself: Put a large carafe on your desk or always carry a full water bottle with you so that you don't get into the predicament of being out and about without liquid.

5: Good sleep supports the immune system

During sleep, the body processes all the external impressions that have hit it during the day. In this way, it ensures mental recovery so that the body is again ready to react to new situations. It stores the experiences gathered during the day and sorts them into the long-term memory. While the body is processing the impressions and sorting the emotions, it begins to dream.
These phases are also called REM phases.

What else is sleep good for? Your muscles recover while you sleep so that you are fit and ready for action the next day. This regeneration takes place during the deep sleep phases. This is also when your muscles grow and adapt to new routines.

Sufficient sleep is also important in order to be able to concentrate during the day, because a lack of sleep can permanently reduce physical performance.
All this supports the general health of your body, which in turn is an important prerequisite for a strong immune system.

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6: An unhealthy lifestyle is poison for the immune system

It will hardly surprise you, but it cannot be repeated often enough: Alcohol and nicotine are anything but healthy for the human body. The harmful substances can cause organs to become diseased and can also promote diseases such as cancer.

Both alcohol and the regular intake of nicotine weaken health and thus lower the immune system. Not only your liver, but also the rest of your organs will thank you if you pay attention to a more conscious use of alcohol (and ideally cut out cigarettes altogether).

7: Vitamin C as a booster for the immune system

If you want to strengthen your immune system, you should focus on a sufficient supply of vitamin C in the area of nutritional supplements. Vitamin C is not included in many cold remedies for nothing, because the power vitamin strengthens the body's defenses so that they can reliably protect against pathogens and bacteria.
In addition, vitamin C helps fight free radicals in the body - it helps it kill pathogens before they can cause damage to the immune system. However, vitamin C is also involved in helping the body heal wounds and build connective tissue.

If you take vitamin C as a dietary supplement, you should definitely pay attention to the way the vitamin C is delivered so that it really reaches where it is needed. Our tip: With LipoVibes Pure you get liposomal vitamin C in drop form, which works directly in your cells and thus ensures maximum bioavailability.
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8: Oldie, but goodie: Don't forget to wash your hands!

Actually, we know that, but it should still not remain unmentioned here: Our hands are home to a multitude of bacteria that quickly find their way into our bodies because we touch our faces far too often. In this way, the pathogens reach the inside of the body via the conjunctiva. But also touching open wounds can have negative effects due to the bacteria on the hands, as the wounds can become infected.

Regular hand washing can significantly reduce these bacteria. Especially after shopping, where you have collected bacteria via touching the products, the shopping cart and the money, the hands should be thoroughly cleaned. It is also practical to carry a disinfectant gel in your handbag - here it is best to make sure that it is not only antibacterial, but also antiviral.

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9: Reduce heating air, strengthen immune system

Especially in winter, we often make ourselves cozy and warm in the apartment. However, it is precisely this cozy - and very dry - air that can cause our mucous membranes to dry out. This in turn makes it easier for viruses to penetrate our organism. A bowl of water on the radiator can already help to keep the air humid, a little fancier is a diffuser, in which you can also add a few drops of essential oil depending on your mood.

In addition, regular airing should be on the plan. The fresh air brings new oxygen into the room, which is also important for brain performance. The following applies here: short bursts of airing are far more sensible than continuous airing.