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Anti Aging from the inside: 5 natural tips against wrinkles

Can you fight wrinkles from the inside? How does natural anti-aging work? 5 tips on how to counteract age-related skin aging

Anti Aging, the natural way

Age-related skin wrinkles can hardly be prevented. Nevertheless, there are tips and tricks with which you can delay this process or even minimize the effects. Meanwhile, the market is more than overcrowded with anti-aging products. There are countless creams that you smear on your face and elixirs that promise true miracles overnight. Of course, you support your skin with these products and provide it with moisture and other valuable substances. But external application alone does not always provide relief. After all, it's not for nothing that people say "you shine from within" when someone looks beautiful. We give you five natural anti-aging tips with which you can fight your wrinkles from the inside.

1. Anti-Aging from the inside: You age how you eat

"You are what you eat." What grandma used to preach is still true today. If you eat the right foods, you'll not only feel better, but you'll look better too. There are foods that speed up the aging process of the skin and those that slow down the process. The good foods include especially those that contain lots of antioxidants. These are found especially in berries. And even though you may not like to hear it, you should avoid sugar and too much salt. Why? It's simple: salt dehydrates the skin and makes it look dry and dull. Nicotine and alcohol are other stimulants to avoid.
Instead, opt for a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Your body and skin will benefit from this. The following foods should be on your menu, among others:

  • Berries (the darker, the better)
  • Apples/ pomegranates
  • Green vegetables (e.g. spinach, broccoli)
  • Turmeric
  • Nuts

In addition to eating the right foods, you should also make sure to stay fully hydrated. Drink at least two liters of water a day to keep your skin hydrated and plump, and to flush out harmful substances from your body. Don't worry, the constant "having to go to the toilet" will pass after a while - your bladder also wants to be exercised!

2. Anti Aging Supplements

You don't manage to get enough antioxidants from your diet or you prefer to play it safe? Then you can take certain dietary supplements in the form of certain plant substances. OPC, for example, is a very effective antioxidant that is contained in red grapes. It is also known as grape seed extract and can potentially help to slow down skin aging due to its highly antioxidant effects, among other things.

Our tip: Lipovibes Pure OPC drops help you meet your daily antioxidant needs. Five to six drops a day are enough to help you feel better about life.

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3. Anti Aging through inner balance

Stress is one of the main factors that cause skin wrinkles. Stress causes your face to tense up, which gradually leads to the formation of small and deeper wrinkles. Stress usually also leads to unhealthy eating and not taking time for yourself - an unfavorable cycle, not only for your mind, but also for your skin!

Therefore, always make sure you have enough breaks in your everyday life. Meditate, exercise or get into the habit of simply pausing for a moment several times a day. All this helps immensely to get other thoughts and to feel better afterwards. You should also make sure you get enough sleep. During sleep, the body reduces the stress hormone cortisol. If you don't sleep enough, you automatically wake up stressed.

4. Anti Aging through sports

Many people find it difficult to overcome their inner obstacles. But once you've got up the nerve, you benefit from the many advantages that sport brings. Unfortunately, the euphoria fades very quickly and the couch is preferred. If you exercise twice a week, you will not only feel better, but you will also look better!

Through sport, the body is enormously supplied with blood. This makes the skin look plump and even. In addition, you build muscles that tighten the skin. Try facial yoga! By doing facial yoga, you are using muscles in your face that you don't normally use. This ensures that already existing wrinkles even out and disappear. Combine this with a leisurely walk in the fresh air. Exercise in the fresh air makes your body feel better. But always make sure to apply a sunscreen to avoid the effects of sun exposure.

5. The true anti aging secret: Be happy!

If you are happy or think positively, you release more happiness hormones such as serotonin. This activates muscles in the face that make you look more beautiful. A smile on your lips not only makes you look friendlier, but also makes you feel better. So always make sure you have positive thoughts, a stable environment and other happy things. Important minerals such as magnesium, zinc or vitamin B6 promote this feeling. Thus, a balanced diet also ensures that you feel better and happier.

anti aging von innen

Anti Aging from the inside - Summary

Nobody can avoid the natural aging of the skin. However, there are a few factors to avoid in order to slow down the process. Furthermore, certain foods and a positive attitude towards life will help you to minimize the formation of wrinkles or to prevent it as much as possible. Always make sure you lead a balanced lifestyle with exercise and rest periods and try to avoid stress as much as possible.